If you are in jail –especially when you are in a foreign country- you probably will feel scared and overwhelmed. And you would want help from a criminal defense lawyer. But how can you request a legal consultation from an English speaking criminal lawyer? It is not possible for someone to search the internet for legal consultation when they’re in jail so you will need the help of your loved ones.  


How Can I Help My Relative in Jail? 

When someone you know is in jail and you want to help them, first thing to do is contact a professional. English speaking criminal defense lawyers in Istanbul can make a visit to jail and have an initial legal consultation. After the initial visit, calls or other in-person visits can be arranged with the lawyer to stay updated on the case.  

A criminal defense lawyer can see the case professionally so they can see the things about your case you did not think might help with the case and use them to your advantage. That is why you need to contact a criminal defense attorney. 


How Can I Give Power of Attorney When I’m in Jail? 

If your case is still open -which means the court hasn’t decided and sentenced you yet- you can give power of attorney through the notary that visits jail on designated days. There has to be a translator when you give power of attorney. If your case is finalized and you are sentenced, you can not give power of attorney by yourself you need a conservator.  


How Does the Conservatorship Start? 

When you are sentenced, the directorate of prison must inform Civil Court of Peace (Sulh Hukuk Mahkemesi) that your sentence has started and your conservatorship must start also. The Directorate asks who do you want as a conservator and informs the court. The court does the necessary research then decides whether the conservator is suitable or not.  

Sometimes it can take a long time for the directorate to start the process. And you might need help from an English speaking criminal lawyer to sort things out and understand and speed up the process.  

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