When you are in a foreign country that you don’t speak the language of, it is extremely difficult facing legal problems. Especially if it is a criminal case which will affect your future. It is almost impossible to understand the legal process even if you have translators. Translators can help you communicate but since they are not legal professionals it is not possible for them to understand the situation you are in. An English speaking criminal defense attorney in Istanbul can help you both understand your legal situation and solve it.  


Criminal defense lawyers practice Turkish Law every day and trained in that area, they also live in the environment every day and keep up with all policies and laws. They have connections, knowledge, and experience. It is very likely that as a foreigner it is hard to communicate the governmental agencies and follow the legal procedures in Turkey. An English speaking attorney knows the procedures already and have the ability to make sure you follow the right steps. 


It can be tricky to understand the charges you are facing with even as a Turkish Citizen, but it is harder as a foreigner. You must fully understand the charges you are facing and consequences of them if you want to protect and defend yourself.  


Your criminal defense lawyers job is to defend you whether you are guilty or innocent, they will work for the best result for you and your case. There are things you cannot notice about your case that will help you but your criminal defense lawyer can and use them to get the best outcome. They will be able to understand your charges, what they could be reduced to, and any loopholes that could be missed without the knowledge. 


A criminal defense lawyer is someone who you can talk to about anything related to your case. Things that you might not be able to or want to share with your family. When choosing a lawyer, it is important to pick someone you trust. And it is important for them to be easy to communicate. You can choose a lawyer that doesn’t speak English but you will need a translator and having another person in the room might nor give you comfort and privacy you need. It is best to have the privacy and comfort of speaking to your lawyer easily and have them understand what you say. Look for these traits when you start communicating with your potential criminal defense lawyer to get the best results.  


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