As a foreigner it can be scary facing different penalties like prison time, large fines, deport, entry ban etc. in Turkey. Since there is a powerful system that is working against you and you do not even understand the systems language, which makes everything even harder. That’s why you need an English speaking defense lawyer on your side. Criminal defense lawyers are trained to find elements of the cases that are unique. They also know the system and it’s rules.


They know how the system works

A criminal lawyer knows the criminal justice system. Even from the start they can help you. If your arrest violates your constitutional rights or gathering the evidence against you was done wrongfully, your attorney can bring a formal request to have the judge not to use the unlawfully obtained evidence before your case goes to trial. This is why you should contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

In addition to knowing the local rules of the court, there are many unwritten rules that are found in each jurisdiction. Some of those may be very different from your country and maybe some things you have never heard of. There are also many rules and laws buried within regulations and other laws. If you were representing yourself, you likely do not know. An English speaking criminal defense lawyer in Istanbul can connect with both you and the system that works against you.


You might be having a hard time explaining yourself or understanding others

It is very likely that you might not find anyone who speaks English and even the translator they bring might be very hard to communicate. As a foreigner being in a situation which is very psychologically and physically tiring and not being able to communicate with anyone can be frustrating. When you have an English speaking criminal lawyer on your side, they can speak for you and since they know the right things to say they can also eliminate anything you say that might be bad for you in the future.


A criminal defense lawyer stands between you and the government

The laws and procedures that govern a criminal case are complicated. It is almost impossible for you to know all of your rights or when those rights are being violated. A criminal defense lawyer can help you assert your rights and stand up to a prosecutor for you.


They can develop a theory and a plan for your defense

Criminal defense lawyers create a map for each unique case. There are usually lots of details a lay person can skip thinking that they are not important. A criminal defense lawyer would see those details and use them for your benefit. The prosecution might have a weak case, lacking sufficient evidence to prove the charges against you, or something else depending on your case. An attorney evaluates those things then formulate a theory and a defense plan for you.

Witnesses are much more willing to speak with an attorney

A witness might be crucial evidence in your case. And it is more likely that they would prefer to speak with a lawyer than a suspect. They might be afraid of what is coming next and it is normal for a person to think of themselves first. An English speaking criminal lawyer can clear up everything for a witness and actually persuade them to speak for your case.


They will represent you in a trial

Your criminal defense lawyer will represent you in the courtroom and will be your voice. They can work for you and speak for you even your behalf.


Communicating with your loved ones

There is a chance that you might not be allowed to communicate with you family and friends. And of course they will be worried about you and would like to know what will happen next. It is usually even harder for the relatives when they can not speak Turkish, there might be no one to explain anything to them. Your criminal defense lawyer is allowed to see you and talk to you. They can as an intermediary between you and your family.


Over all;

Working with a criminal defense attorney will improve your chances of winning your case or obtaining a more favorable plea bargain. They will be defending you against false accusations or unfair sentences and deliver positive results. An English speaking criminal lawyer will understand you, your case and help you to explain yourself. You can contact an English speaking criminal lawyer in Istanbul here.