What Is a Legal Consultation? 


Legal consultation is the initial meeting you have with an attorney. And you can decide whether you hire the attorney to represent you in your legal matter or not. Also the attorney determines if they can legally represent you based on the consultation. 


Keep in mind that consultation is basically for information exchange and does not mean that the attorney can legally represent you after the consultation. If you are in Istanbul but cannot speak Turkish it can be quite tricky to find the right attorney for you. You will need an English-speaking lawyer in order to understand each other fully and get the best out of a legal consultation.  


Before consulting an English-speaking lawyer, you must prepare all the documents that are relevant to your case. So that the attorney can review them and have a better understanding of your case. These documents can be contracts, court orders, notices etc. If the attorney can understand your case clearly, they can help you better and advise you about your case. 


What Will Be Discussed at a Legal Consultation? 


Since it is almost impossible for a foreigner to know another countries law system, best thing to do is getting a legal advice from a professional. You can ask for legal facts and legal claims, also ask for how the legal system works and what steps you should take. And it is important to tell the truth to your lawyer about the legal matter you are in, otherwise the lawyer will mislead you since they do not know the truth.  


You can also ask for the fees and get an idea of how much hiring an English-speaking attorney in Istanbul will cost you. An initial consultation will generally include a discussion of the fees that an attorney may charge in order to represent you regarding your legal matter. 


Are Legal Consultations Confidential? 


Legal Consultations are always confidential. So, you can be honest with the attorney and discuss your legal issue with them, nothing you discuss in legal consultation will be brought outside of the room. You should provide the attorney with all the information you have, whether helpful or harmful, so that they may properly evaluate your case.  


How Can I Get a Legal Consultation from An English-Speaking Lawyer in Istanbul? 


In order to give you legal advice first you must find the proper attorney for you. An English-speaking lawyer is better to keep things confidential since you will not be needing a translator in the room with you. Also, since you will be talking directly to the attorney there is a smaller room for misunderstandings between you and the attorney. The attorney can give you better legal advice this way. If you want to get a legal consultation or get more information from English-speaking lawyers in Istanbul you can contact them here.