You can be in Turkey or in another country, it is possible to be sued in Turkey. So, what should you do when that happens?


How do you know if you have been sued?

You can't be sued in secret. You should get some formal notice that a lawsuit has been filed and the grounds of the lawsuit. There should also be some instructions on how to reply to the complaint.

If you've been notified of a lawsuit filed against you in Turkey, you shouldn’t ignore it. After you have notified, the first thing you should do is consult a lawyer. An English speaking lawyer in Istanbul can help you with the legal advice you need. You never know how bad the case can be. When people try to ignore lawsuits, it doesn't work out well. Also, there may be lots of details you would simply not know since Turkey’s law system is different than your own country.


What is the first step if you have been served with a lawsuit in Turkey?

You must act quickly to protect your legal rights. Whether the lawsuit has been filed against you personally, against your business, or even if you have only been served on behalf of a member of your household or company, you should contact an English speaking lawyer in Istanbul immediately to consult with you, review the lawsuit, and advise you what you should do next. You may be able to respond to the lawsuit yourself, but it's risky. You will want an English speaking lawyer in Istanbul to help you figure out the legal ramifications of everything you say in your response to the lawsuit. 


Can a lawyer review my lawsuit in Turkey?

A lawyer can review your lawsuit even without the power of attorney. After you contact an English speaking lawyer in Istanbul for legal advice, they can physically see the file and review the lawsuit for you. But every lawsuit is different and not every lawsuit can be reviewed at every step of the case.

As stated in the Attorneyship Law;

“The attorney or the apprentice may review lawsuit and legal action files without a power of attorney. A request for review of files must be fulfilled by those concerned. Attorneys not presenting a power of attorney may not obtain copies or photocopies of the papers and documents in the files.”


How can I contact an English speaking lawyer in Turkey to review my lawsuit?

You can click here to contact one of our lawyers for legal advice and have information about your unique situation. Remember every case is different and the information above can’t be applied to every case. Always consult a licensed professional.