Who is considered as a missing person?

Someone whose whereabouts or fate is unknown to her relatives is considered as missing person. If that person is under the age of eighteen, they are considered as missing child.


What can you do when someone you know has gone missing in Istanbul?

If you do not know where your family member or someone you know is, or you do not know what happened to them there are a few things you can do. First of all you can;

  •        ring round friends and family,
  •        check your phone and email for messages,
  •        search the place you stay or where you last saw them,
  •        look for any notes.

If you still don’t know where they are you can report it to the closest police station. You do not have to wait 24 hours to report someone missing. It is not wasting police time to report someone missing.

It is normal to panic and you might do not know what to do, you can contact an English speaking criminal lawyer in Istanbul to help you with the situation.


How can an English speaking criminal lawyer help to find my relative?

Worrying about someone can be a horrible feeling, particularly if you think that they are missing. The first few hours and days after you realize someone is missing can feel emotional and overwhelming. You might experience panic, dread and anxiety. It is very normal to be unable to manage the procedures you need to follow, especially when you are abroad.

There are different procedures the police follow in every country. A professional’s help might be what you need in the process. You can contact an English speaking lawyer in Istanbul and ask them to take actions that has to be taken on your behalf.


What might have happened to my relative?

There is a high possibility that your relative has taken to a Removal Center, Turkish Police regularly checks foreigner’s passport and visas to see if there are any illegal activities such as overstaying, working without a permit etc. If the police detect such actions, they take foreigners to a Removal Center. Sometimes foreigners do not have access to phones or other communication tools in Removal Centers. That is also why an English speaking criminal lawyer can help you, since they can visit foreigners in Removal Centers. You can find more information about Removal Centers in Turkey here.