Imprisonment is a restrictive sentence imposed by the court on a person who commits a crime. The types of imprisonment are aggravated life imprisonment, life imprisonment, and term imprisonment. As a rule, a prison sentence is executed in a penal execution institution (prison). However, in some exceptional cases, imprisonment can also be executed at home.

There are two types of criminal sanctions: Imprisonment and judicial fine. However, in practice, judicial fines are sometimes not paid, and if not paid, the judicial fine is converted into imprisonment.


Aggravated life sentence lasts for the life of the convict and is served under the "strict security" regime.


Life sentence lasts for the life of the convicted person.


Temporary sentence is a temporary restriction of liberty for the convicted person. A term of imprisonment may not be less than one month and not more than twenty years, unless otherwise provided by law.


Suspension of Imprisonment


A person sentenced to imprisonment for a period of two years or less for an offense committed by them may be deferred. The upper limit of this period is three years for persons who have not completed the age of eighteen or have completed the age of sixty-five at the time of committing the act. However, for a suspension decision to be made, the person must;

Has not previously been sentenced to imprisonment for more than three months for an intentional offense,

After committing the crime, the court must have a conviction that they will not commit the crime again due to the remorse they have shown during the trial process.


Conversion of Imprisonment to Judicial Fine


A sentence of imprisonment of one year or less is a short-term imprisonment. Short-term imprisonment may be converted into a judicial fine. Monetization of short-term imprisonment is at the discretion of the judge. Conversion of a prison sentence into a fine is decided by evaluating the offender's personality, social and economic situation, remorse during the trial process and the characteristics of the commission of the crime.


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