What is a Removal Center?

A removal center is a facility in Turkey where foreigners who have been ordered to be deported, whose residence permits have been interrupted, who violate entry-exit rules, who do not leave Turkey without an acceptable excuse within the time allowed for them to leave Turkey, and who are subject to administrative detention orders are held for repatriation or administrative detention.


How to Leave the Removal Center?

In order for individuals under administrative detention in removal centers to be released from the removal centers, they must first file an application against the deportation decision. An application to the Administrative Court against the deportation decision stops the execution of the deportation process until the case is concluded.


Secondly, an application must be made to the Criminal Court of Peace against the administrative detention decision. It is important to note that the situation of the person who has been ordered to be deported, the reason for deportation, the nationality of the person who has been ordered to be deported, etc. will change the procedure and duration of the departure from the removal center, and a personalized application must be made in this regard.


Cancellation of Deportation Decision and Exit from the Removal Center

If the foreign national is under administrative detention in a removal center, you should seek assistance from competent experts without delay.


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