Criminal charges can be scary for anyone who is facing them. It can be even scarier when you are foreigner in a country you can’t speak the language of. Most people don’t know criminal justice system in Turkey and need professional guidance. It is always better to contact an English-speaking criminal defense lawyer in Istanbul as soon as possible.


When should I contact a criminal defense attorney?


If you suspect that you will be charged with a crime or law enforcements wants to speak with you about a crime you should contact a criminal defense attorney. They will guide you through the process and make sure that you can understand what are the charges and consequences and what steps you should take.


Why should I hire an English-speaking lawyer before charges are filed against me?


Your lawyer will investigate the case for you and will inform you about the situation that you are in. You need a lawyer that you can easily communicate and trust since it is harder for you to know what exactly is happening at all times when you are a foreigner in Istanbul. Also everything you speak with your lawyer is fully confidential and stays between you two.


When you hire an English-speaking criminal defense lawyer before facing charges, they will remind you not to talk to a law enforcement without them being there with you. And if they want to speak with you, you can tell them that you will wait for your lawyer without saying anything else and your lawyer will be there for you. And sometimes, an attorney may be able to reduce the potential damage by speaking to the prosecutor on your behalf.


When you are arrested, your lawyer can contact your family and loved ones and inform them about the situation, with your permission. Also tell them what the next steps are and guide them through the process.



Criminal charges can be life-changing and stressful especially harder to deal in a foreign country. It is very difficult to navigate through without professional help. If you have been charged with a crime, or think you may be charged with a crime, you should hire an English speaking criminal defense lawyer in Istanbul as soon as possible. You can contact an English speaking criminal lawyer and get more information here.