When facing criminal charges in Istanbul, defendants might wonder, “What does an English speaking criminal defense lawyer do to help clients win a case?” If you have been charged with a crime, you could be looking at extensive jail time, and/or significant fines. Having an attorney affects an individual’s likelihood of positive outcomes, regardless of the circumstances. 


A Criminal Defense Attorney Defends Clients’ Rights


When someone is accused with a crime authorities should advise them of their rights, ensure that they understand those rights, respect those rights. It doesn’t always go this way and these safeguards can fail. These failings can lead to unjust treatment, inaccurate convictions, and the betrayal of justice. 


Guiding You Through the Legal System


A criminal defense attorney can help you to navigate your case with the knowledge they have. Since there are some rules that are unwritten, you might get lost during the process without a guidance of an English speaking criminal defense attorney. They can help you finding out a specific way for your jurisdiction.


A Criminal Defense Attorney Investigates and Inspects


Attorneys begin by meeting with their clients. They review the charges and evidence against them. They try to find things to use for your case you might over look. They review evidence and the prosecution’s plan to look for flaws and holes, examine evidence for things that might have been missed or misinterpreted. Your lawyer may also file motions to suppress illegally obtained evidence, file a motion to change venues, or even get your charges dismissed.




If you are found guilty of the charges, you have the right to appeal your conviction or sentence. Your criminal defense attorney can request an appellate court to evaluate your conviction. They will guide you in filing an appeal and inform you about the timelines. Your lawyer will ensure you have filed the correct documents at the right time. 


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