If you are or your loved one is charged with aiding drug trafficking in Turkey, best thing to do would be contacting a criminal defense lawyer to seek help from a professional. An English-speaking criminal lawyer will explain everything to you and guide you through this scary legal process.


What is Aiding Drug Trafficking?


The crime of aiding the trafficking of narcotic drugs is committed by assisting the main perpetrator in the commission of the acts listed in Article 188 of the Turkish Criminal Code before, during or after the act is committed.

The aiding can be committed by watching at a certain point while drugs are being transported, bringing drug buyers and sellers together, sending money from your own account to pay for the drugs, informing users when the drugs will arrive etc.

In order to be able to talk about the act of aiding the crime of drug trafficking, the perpetrator must help without participating in an act such as the supply, loading, packaging, transportation of the drug substance. The nature of the drug substance (cannabis, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, bonsai etc.) is not relevant in terms of aiding the offense.


Material and Moral Assistance to the Drug Trafficking


Assistance to the crime of drug trafficking is divided into two as material assistance and moral assistance. Material assistance committed by providing the means used in the commission of the offense, facilitating the execution of the crime by providing material assistance before or during the commission of the crime. Moral assistance committed by encouraging to commit a crime, reinforcing the decision to commit a crime, promising to provide assistance after the commission of a crime, providing guidance on how to commit a crime according to Article 39/2 of the Turkish Criminal Code.


Penalty For Aiding Drug Trafficking


The penalty of the person who assists in the commission of the crime of drug trafficking shall be reduced by 1/2 according to the penalty of the drug trafficking crime in the law. However, the sentence cannot exceed eight years.


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